(Source: History of Will County, Illinois, 1878)

In the township of Monee, lying between Green Garden and Crete, there were a few who settled quite early. In 1834, John S. Dilley; in 1835, John M. Chase, N.C. Tibbitts, S.W. Cooper, Nicholas Young and Ruel Carney; and in 1836, S.W. Gaines, Aaron Bond, Otis Philips, Hollis Newton, and a Mr. Hall.

This township has abut three sections of timber in the northeast corner, which will account for its earlier settlement. There is also a little grove in the southeast corner of the town. The first school was opened in 1836, by Otis B. XXXXXXX. It has filled up in later years largely with Germans. It has a flourishing station on the Central Railroad, of the same name.