Donna T. Dettbarn
Township Supervisor

The Supervisor serves as the CEO of the Township. Duties and responsibilities include serving as Chairperson of the township Board of Trustees, Supervisor of the General Assistance and Emergency Program and as Treasurer of all Town Funds including General Assistance and Road and Bridge Funds. The Supervisor may vote on all matters before the Board. The Supervisor maintains sole jurisdiction over the General Assistance in accordance with the Illinois State Statutes. The supervisor oversees the day to day operations of the Township, prepares budgets, meeting agendas, signs all Township Checks and is responsible for setting up polling places in General Elections.

Bobby Lathan, Sr.
Township Clerk

The Township Clerk is the keeper of all Township records except for active General Assistance cases. The Clerk is required to keep accurate records of all Township Board meetings and maintain records of the Board?s executive sessions. The Clerk serves as the Local Election Authority and is responsible for accepting petitions concerning Township elections and/or referendums. The Clerk is responsible for posting and publishing legal notices, including notices for the Highway Commissioner. The Clerk also maintains all records for the Highway Commissioner and must witness bid openings for both the Township and the Highway Commissioner. The Township Clerk is vital to the operation of a well run Township.

Township Trustees
Terri L. Boles
William "Billy" Morgan
Debbie Burgess
James W. Young

Trustees are the Legislative Branch of Monee Township. They set policies that are enacted by the Township Supervisor and Township Clerk but not for the Highway Commissioner or the Assessor. Trustees certify tax levies for the Township and the Road District; adopt the annual Township budget and appropriation ordinance; the General Assistance and the Road District budget. Trustees are Responsible for approving all Township expenses and auditing the bills submitted for payment by the Highway Commissioner. The Trustees must approve most bills before the Township Supervisor can pay them.

David E. Deutsche
Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner is the administrator of the day-to-day operation of the infrastructure maintenance. The Commissioner is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all road and bridges in the road district. This job is critical to the needs and safety of Monee Township residents.
The Highway Commissioner must submit an annual tax levy for the following year to the Township Board for certification. The Commissioner must submit a proposed budget to the Township Board for Posting, review and adoption. Once the budget is approved, the Highway Commissioner has statutory power to expend the funds according to the line items established. The Highway Commissioner runs the Road District as a separate governmental entity and neither the Township Board nor the Township Supervisor has any jurisdiction over the Highway Commissioner or the employees.

Sandra Heard
Township Assessor

The office of the Assessor is the only elected position that has statutory, pre-election requirements. Candidates must obtain the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute before they can run for office. And once elected they must complete continuing education requirements. The Township Assessor is more appropriately an appraiser. The Assessor?s responsibilities include the mass appraisal of all taxable property within the Township. This entails discovering, listing and valuing all new construction, ensuring that existing property is valued at the appropriate statutory level of market value, and assuring that similar property is valued in a uniform manner. Assessors must determine the market value of all taxable property, which is then assessed at 33.33% of market value. The Assessor must submit a budget to the Township Board for approval to fund the day-to-day operations of the Assessors Office.

Ronald Poindexter, Collector
Willa Simmons, Administrator
Township Collector

In Monee Township, the Collector is an honorary position as the County is responsible for collecting taxes. The Monee Township Collector is often active within the Township on a Volunteer Basis working with the Plan Commission and Youth Committee.